Other Investigations
  • Test purchases
  • Copyright infringement and intellectual property investigations
  • Civil and criminal investigations
  • Corporate investigations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Planning/licensing court investigations
  • Counter-surveillance debugging
  • Computer forensics
  • CCTV installation including covert systems
  • Civil and criminal precognitions/statement

Grant & McMurtrie offers a full investigation service in respect of civil and criminal matters. This includes litigation support and intelligence research, as well as the obtaining of evidence through witness statements/precognitions.

We are regularly tasked to obtain evidence for prosecution purposes, particularly where a client only has suspicions of criminal activity and not sufficient evidence to involve the police.

After obtaining relevant evidence, we often cooperate with the police by providing them with the evidence we have gathered. Our evidence can also be used before the civil courts and industrial tribunals.

We also regularly undertake investigations in respect of breach of contract/covenant and obtain relevant evidence to enable our clients to pursue an action for damages.

As for counter-industrial espionage, we have invested in state of the art counter-surveillance electronic debugging equipment.